Once Upon a Pixel examines the increasing sophistication of storytelling and worldbuilding in modern video games. Drawing on some of gaming’s most popular titles, including Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the long-running Metal Gear Solid series, it is a pioneering exploration into narrative in games from the perspective of the creative writer. With interviews and insights from across the industry, it provides a complete account of how Triple-A, independent, and even virtual reality games are changing the way we tell stories.


Key Features

  • A fresh perspective on video games as a whole new form of creative writing.
  • Interviews with a range of leading industry figures, from critics to creators.
  • Professional analysis of modern video game script excerpts.
  • Insights into emerging technologies and the future of interactive storytelling.

chapter 1|16 pages

Interview with Walt Williams

chapter 2|12 pages

Interview with Brooke Maggs

chapter 3|28 pages

Something to Fight for

The Last of Us and the Language of Linear Games

chapter 4|15 pages

Interview with Brendan Keogh

chapter 5|22 pages

This is Snake

The Storytelling Legacy of the Metal Gear Series

chapter 6|12 pages

Interview with Anna Anthropy

chapter 7|18 pages

New Horizons

Open Worlds and Storyfeel

chapter 8|10 pages

Interview with Damon Reece

chapter 9|12 pages

Dear Reader

Virtual Reality and the Narrative Frontier

chapter 11|10 pages

Interview with Tomasz Bednarz

chapter 12|3 pages