This book focusses on the clinical aspects and management of pediatric skin disorders, especially seen in darker skin types. It includes unique conditions that the authors have encountered in their lifetime with their independent observations and approach to management. Original high-quality images are used to illustrate most dermatoses described in the book enabling a strong visual impression of the discussed diseases. It hopes to provide readers with a blend of evidence and experience based pediatric dermatology. This book aims to be a hands-on manual that can be referred to during a busy practice as it discusses the practical approach to dermatoses.

Key Features

  • Focusses on darker skin types.
  • Examines unusual presentations with detailed clinical features.
  • Discusses the ways to differentiate between similar-appearing diseases.
  • Explores approaches to therapy, especially in resource-poor settings.
  • Covers topics with high quality illustrations.

chapter 1|8 pages

Principles of Diagnosis

chapter 2|22 pages

Neonatal Dermatology

chapter 3|15 pages

Papulosquamous Disorders

chapter 4|15 pages

Eczema and Dermatitis

chapter 5|9 pages

Disorders of Cornification

chapter 6|8 pages

Vesiculobullous Disorders

chapter 7|6 pages

Nodules and Tumors

chapter 8|18 pages

Disorders of Pigmentation

chapter 9|39 pages

Infections and Infestations

chapter 10|10 pages

Collagen Vascular Diseases

chapter 11|12 pages

Urticaria and Erythemas

chapter 12|8 pages

Drug Eruptions

chapter 13|14 pages

Vascular Abnormalities

chapter 14|6 pages

Cutaneous Nevi

chapter 15|16 pages


chapter 16|17 pages

Hair and Nail Abnormalities

chapter 17|7 pages

Oral Cavity and Tongue

chapter 18|29 pages

Systemic Diseases

chapter 19|4 pages

Psychocutaneous Diseases

chapter 20|29 pages

Miscellaneous Conditions