This book provides an extended overview and fundamental knowledge in industrial automation, while building the necessary knowledge level for further specialization in advanced concepts of industrial automation. It covers a number of central concepts of industrial automation, such as basic automation elements, hardware components for automation and process control, the latch principle, industrial automation synthesis, logical design for automation, electropneumatic automation, industrial networks, basic programming in PLC, and PID in the industry.

chapter 1|18 pages

Industrial Automation

chapter 3|38 pages

Industrial Automation Synthesis

chapter 4|42 pages

Logical Design of Automation Circuits

chapter 5|34 pages

Elements of Electro-Pneumatic Components

chapter 6|78 pages

Basic Operating Principles of PLCs

chapter 7|84 pages

Basic Programming Principles of PLCs

chapter 8|18 pages

Industrial Networks of PLCs

chapter 9|8 pages

PID Control in the Industry

chapter 10|28 pages

Industrial Applications