A Practical Guide to X Window Programming is a basic guide that takes readers step by step through developing applications using X-Windows. The book covers the Xt Intrinsics portion of the X-Window system in detail and discusses the MIT Athena and OSF/Motif Widget Sets that are used in many of the examples. Topics covered include C programming fundamentals, text handling using X, fonts, event handling in Xt, extending the Widget Sets (building on Field Editor Widget), designing and constructing an application, building menus, printing help, OSF/Motif (including the window arranger) and interclient communication. Three extensive appendices are included: Widgets, Classing, and Exported Functions; Quick Xt Reference Guide (X11R4); and Quick Guide to OSF/Motif Widgets. Any applications designer interested in developing applications with Xt will find this book a valuable and enlightening resource.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 5|66 pages

Building Applications: Developing with Xt

chapter 6|41 pages

Building Widgets: Primitive Widgets

chapter 7|5 pages

Building Widgets: Container Widgets

chapter 9|27 pages

A Look at OSF/Motif

chapter 10|24 pages

A Sample Application: Motif Version

chapter 11|117 pages

Application Development: Advanced Topics