In most cases, values are tabulated in the customary manner- ten on a line. In some tables, the second column gives the first few places which apply to all the entries in that row. When an entry has a bar placed over it, the value heading the next row should be applied. The tables computed on a digital electronic computer which works with an accuracy of at least seven significant places. In some case, e.g. when very large exponents occurred in the computation, computation at double this precision was used.

chapter |20 pages


chapter A|206 pages

Elementary Functions

chapter B|118 pages

Error Function and Fresnel Integrals

chapter C|64 pages

Blackbody Radiation Tables - Radiant

chapter D|32 pages

Blackbody Radiation Tables - Photon

chapter E|46 pages

Blackbody Radiation Tables - Luminous

chapter H|22 pages

Miscellaneous Tables