Modeling and Analysis of Local Area Networks fills a void in the array of books on Local Area Networks (LANs) in that it reviews the state of LAN technology from a hardware and software perspective, develops a set of metrics that can be used to evaluate LANs for end applications, and investigates methodologies for evaluating LANs from these perspectives. The book discusses LAN evaluation techniques utilizing analysis, operational analysis, hardware testbeds, and simulations. Simulations will be stressed in greater detail and a tool available for evaluating LANs performance (called MALAN) is presented and the details of its structure developed.

chapter 1|16 pages

1 Introduction

chapter 2|25 pages

2 Local Area Networks

chapter 3|6 pages

3 Modeling of Local Area Networks

chapter 4|35 pages

Probability and Statistics

chapter 5|31 pages

Simulation Analysis

chapter 6|45 pages

Queuing Theory

chapter 8|14 pages

Hardware Test Beds

chapter 9|23 pages

LAN Analysis

chapter 10|66 pages