Physical Oceanographic Processes of the Great Barrier Reef is the first comprehensive volume describing the water circulation and its influence in controlling the distribution of marine life on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The book uses exhaustive field and numerical studies to show how the influence of the salient topography occurs at all scales.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|11 pages

Geographie Setting

chapter 2|19 pages

Wind, Rainfall, and Sediment Inflow

chapter 3|22 pages

Water Properties and Patchiness

chapter 4|18 pages

The Tides

chapter 5|13 pages

Low-Frequency Motions

chapter 6|15 pages

Models of the Low-Frequency Circulation

chapter 7|11 pages

High-Frequency Waves

chapter 8|32 pages

Reef-Induced Circulation

chapter 9|12 pages

Mixing and Dispersion Around Coral Reefs

chapter 10|10 pages

Managing the Great Barrier Reef