In these books, we bring together and correlate recent information known to have a prominent influence on the rate of movement of pollutants from wastes and their leachates in the soil. The emphasis is on those characteristics most amenable to modification and their management, such that secure and rational choices of disposal can be made. Identification of limits of the state of the art are carefully defined. This book presents five distinct but related subject matter sections. The first topic relates to soil as a natural system to prepare the reader with a basic knowledge of soil properties as they must become involved in waste management at the disposal facility. The soil, its depth-profile, and certain characteristics are identified and described.

part 1|73 pages

Soils Involved with Waste Burials

part 2|114 pages

Predicting Pollutant Transformations and Mobility

part 3|28 pages

Site Selection, Monitoring, and Closure

chapter 7|26 pages

Site Selection, Monitoring, and Closure