Stability Design of Steel Frames provides a summary of the behavior, analysis and design of structural steel members and frames with flexibly-jointed connections. The book presents the theory and design of structural stability and includes extensions of computer-based analyses for individual members in space with imperfections. It also shows how connection flexibility influences the behavior and design of steel frames and how designers must consider this in a limit-state analysis and design procedure. The clearly written text and extensive bibliography make this a practical book for advanced students, researchers and professionals in civil and structural engineering, as well as a useful supplement to traditional books on the theory and design of structural stability.

chapter 1|38 pages

Analysis of Beam-Columns

chapter 2|106 pages

Design of Beam-Columns

chapter 3|58 pages

Second-Order Rigid Frame Analysis

chapter 6|68 pages

Analysis of Semi-Rigid Frames

chapter 7|30 pages

Design of Semi-Rigid Frames