With style and humor, the author writes of special places in everyday Seattle. The author takes us to popular, high-profile landmarks like Pike Place Market as well as tucked-away gems — cozy cottages, trendy pubs, gracious apartment buildings, and vibrant urban villages — that flavor and enliven the city. The author shares his eye for unique, humanizing details of design, architecture, and function, bringing this colorful metropolis to life so vividly you'll practically smell the coffee they brew and sell on (almost) every street corner.

Along the way, the author explains the public and private decisions that helped Seattle avoid the urban desolation that plagues other American cities. The author introduces many of Seattle's movers and shakers — mayors, developers, artists, and urban pioneers — who took it upon themselves to guide metropolitan Seattle along a different path.

part I|30 pages

City Centers

chapter 1|3 pages

Pike Place Market: The Soul of Seattle

chapter 2|4 pages

Getting It Right in the Regrade

chapter 3|4 pages

Culture and Commerce

chapter 4|4 pages

Dining Downtown

chapter 6|4 pages

A Village Grows in Bellevue

chapter 7|4 pages

Revitalizing Everett

part II|23 pages

Building Neighborhoods

chapter 8|4 pages

Fremont: Center of the Universe

chapter 9|3 pages

Neighborhoods Regained

chapter 10|5 pages

Three New Business Districts

chapter 11|3 pages

Institutions That Build Good Neighborhoods

chapter 12|2 pages

The Tragedy of The Commons

chapter 13|4 pages

Tacoma Turns Itself Around

part III|21 pages

Streets That Work

chapter 14|3 pages

An Avenue Becomes a Street

chapter 15|3 pages

Espresso al Fresco

chapter 16|3 pages

Potties for Pedestrians

chapter 17|3 pages

Street Theater

chapter 18|3 pages

Remaking the Urban Supermarket

chapter 19|4 pages

Good Books/Great Streets

part IV|26 pages

Urban Homes

chapter 20|4 pages

Pitched Roofs and Front Porches

chapter 21|3 pages

Housing That Fits

chapter 22|4 pages

Loft Living

chapter 23|3 pages

Winslow Builds Housing the Right Way

chapter 24|3 pages

Small Houses on Small Lots

chapter 25|3 pages

Tucked-Away Town Homes

chapter 26|4 pages

Return of the Row House

part V|31 pages

Public Spaces/Sacred Places

chapter 27|4 pages

Preserving the Past

chapter 28|3 pages

From Lowly Industrial to High Technology

chapter 29|5 pages

Extending the Olmsted Legacy

chapter 30|3 pages

Seattle Center: The City’s Living Room

chapter 31|4 pages

On the Waterfront: The Bell Street Pier

chapter 32|3 pages

Centering Communities

chapter 33|4 pages

Architecture for Art

chapter 34|3 pages

Splendid Sanctuary

part VI|19 pages

Public Works as Public Art

chapter 35|4 pages


chapter 36|3 pages

The Port as a Patron of the Arts

chapter 37|3 pages

Buildings for Books

chapter 38|3 pages

Learning From Tukwila

chapter 39|4 pages

Art in Transit