Introducing important concepts in the study of earthquakes related to retrofitting of structures to be made earthquake resistant. The book investigates the pounding effects on base-isolated buildings, the soil-structure-interaction effects on adjacent buildings due to the impact, the seismic protection of adjacent buildings and the mitigation of earthquakeinduced vibrations of two adjacent structures. These concepts call for a new understanding of controlled systems with passive-active dampers and semi-active dampers. The passive control strategy of coupled buildings is investigated for seismic protection in comparison to active and semi-active control strategies.

chapter 1|22 pages

Effects of Earthquake on Structures

chapter 7|16 pages

Case Studies

chapter 8|45 pages

Results in Frequency and Time Domains

chapter 9|11 pages

Results for Optimum Placement of Dampers

chapter 10|25 pages

Optimum Design Examples

chapter 11|55 pages

Results and Discussion

chapter 12|4 pages

Summary and Conclusions