Efficient access to data, sharing data, extracting information from data, and making use of the information have become urgent needs for today's corporations. With so much data on the Web, managing it with conventional tools is becoming almost impossible. New tools and techniques are necessary to provide interoperability as well as warehousing betw

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|14 pages

The World Wide Web and XML

chapter 3|28 pages

,1 Overview

chapter 4|18 pages

Information Retrieval Systems and XML

chapter 6|16 pages

2E-Business and E-Commerce

chapter 7|16 pages

Metadata, Ontologies, and XML

chapter 8|8 pages

Basic Concepts in XML

chapter 9|10 pages

Advanced Concepts in XML

chapter 10|12 pages

The Semantic Web

chapter 11|20 pages

Semistructured Databases

chapter 12|8 pages

XML Applications to E-Commerce

chapter 13|12 pages

Applications of XML to Data Management

chapter 16|12 pages

Building the Semantic Web

chapter 17|14 pages

Summary and Directions