Completely revised and updated, taking the scientific rigor to a whole new level, the second edition of the Occupational Ergonomics Handbook is now available in two volumes. This new organization demonstrates the enormous amount of advances that have occurred in the field since the publication of the first edition. The second edition not only provi

chapter 3|18 pages

Legal Issues in Occupational Ergonomics

chapter 5|52 pages

Humans in Work System Environment

chapter 6|10 pages

Human Factors and TQM

chapter 9|30 pages

Engineering Anthropometry

chapter 10|24 pages

Human Strength Evaluation

chapter 11|44 pages

Biomechanical Basis for Ergonomics

chapter 12|26 pages

Fundamentals of Manual Control

chapter 13|26 pages

Cumulative Spine Loading

chapter 14|14 pages

Low-Level Static Exertions

chapter 15|44 pages

Soft-Tissue Pathomechanics

chapter 17|22 pages

Ergonomics and Aging

chapter 18|18 pages

Vision and Work

chapter 20|18 pages

Rehabilitating Low Back Disorders

chapter 21|6 pages

Human Adaptation in the Workplace

chapter 22|16 pages

Rehabilitation Ergonomics

chapter 25|14 pages

The Role Personality in Ergonomics

chapter 26|10 pages

Psychosocial Work Factors

chapter 27|12 pages

Biomechanical Modeling of the Shoulder

chapter 28|12 pages

Application of Ergonomics to the Low Back

chapter 29|12 pages

Application of Ergonomics to the Legs

chapter 30|12 pages

Application of Ergonomics of the Foot

chapter 31|34 pages

Noise in Industry

chapter 32|10 pages


chapter 33|16 pages


chapter 34|18 pages

Overview of Ergonomic Assessment

chapter 35|12 pages

Low Back Injury Risk Assessment Tools

chapter 36|34 pages

Cognitive Task Analysis — A Review

chapter 38|14 pages

Rest Allowances*

chapter 39|14 pages

Wrist Posture in Office Work

chapter 41|14 pages

The ACGIH TLV for Hand Activity Level

chapter 45|28 pages

Upper Extremity Analysis of the Wrist

chapter 46|28 pages

Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation

chapter 47|32 pages

Psychophysical Approach to Task Analysis

chapter 49|26 pages

Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor

chapter 50|16 pages

The ACGIH TLV for Low Back Risk