Using spin to replace or augment the role of charge in signal processing devices, computing systems and circuits may improve speed, power consumption, and device density in some cases-making the study of spinone of the fastest-growing areas in micro- and nanoelectronics. With most of the literature on the subject still highly advanced and heavily t

chapter 1|16 pages

The Early History of Spin

chapter 2|28 pages

The Quantum Mechanics of Spin

chapter 3|20 pages

The Bloch Sphere

chapter 4|24 pages

Evolution of a Spinor on the Bloch Sphere

chapter 5|40 pages

The Density Matrix

chapter 6|10 pages

Spin Orbit Interaction

chapter 8|38 pages

Spin Relaxation

chapter 9|24 pages

Exchange Interaction

chapter 10|20 pages

Spin Transport in Solids

chapter 14|30 pages

Quantum Computing with Spins

chapter 15|48 pages

A Quantum Mechanics Primer