The increase in private property value, growth of underground and multilevel development, and the emergence of 3D technologies in planning and GIS drives the need to record 3D situations in cadastral registration. 3D Cadastre in an International Context: Legal, Organizational, and Technological Aspects demonstrates how to record 3D scenarios in ord

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|18 pages

Scope of a 3D Cadastre

chapter 4|14 pages

Needs and Opportunities for a 3D Cadastre

chapter 5|22 pages

Theory of Spatial Data Modeling

chapter 6|44 pages


chapter 9|18 pages

Conceptual Model for a 3D Cadastre*

chapter 10|20 pages

Logical Model for a 3D Cadastre

chapter 11|26 pages

Prototypes Applied to Case Studies0849339324

chapter 12|18 pages

Summary, Conclusions, and Further Research