Optical Spectroscopy of Lanthanides: Magnetic and Hyperfine Interactions represents the sixth and final book by the late Brian Wybourne, an accomplished pioneer in the spectroscopy of rare earth ions, and Lidia Smentek, a leading theoretical physicist in the field. The book provides a definitive and up-to-date theoretical description of spec

chapter 1|8 pages

Basic Facts of Nuclei

chapter 4|16 pages

Coupling Schemes of Angular Momenta

chapter 5|10 pages

Fine and Magnetic Hyperfine Structure

chapter 7|14 pages

Intensities of Electronic Transitions

chapter 8|6 pages

Hyperfine Interactions and Laser Cooling

chapter 9|14 pages

Ions in Crystals

chapter 10|10 pages

Some Aspects of Crystal Field Theory

chapter 12|12 pages

Magnetic Interactions in f -Electron Systems

chapter 14|8 pages

Electric Quadrupole Hyperfine Interactions

chapter 17|20 pages

Electric Dipole f ←→ f Transitions

chapter 18|14 pages

Relativistic Effects

chapter 19|16 pages

Magnetic Dipole Transitions in Crystals

chapter 20|24 pages

Hyperfine-Induced Transitions

chapter 21|28 pages

Numerical Analysis of Radial Terms

chapter 22|24 pages

Luminescence of Lanthanide-Doped Materials