Understanding the energy it takes to build or break chemical bonds is essential for scientists and engineers in a wide range of innovative fields, including catalysis, nanomaterials, bioengineering, environmental chemistry, and space science. Reflecting the frequent additions and updates of bond dissociation energy (BDE) data throughout the literat

chapter chapter one|11 pages


chapter chapter two|6 pages

Experimental methods for measuring BDEs

chapter chapter three|127 pages

BDEs of C–H bonds

chapter chapter four|64 pages

BDEs of C–C bonds

chapter chapter five|43 pages

BDEs of C-halogen bonds

chapter chapter six|114 pages

BDEs of O−X bonds

chapter chapter seven|56 pages

BDEs of N–X bonds

chapter chapter eight|30 pages

BDEs of S− Se−, Te−, Po−X bonds

chapter chapter nine|26 pages

BDEs of Si−, Ge−, Sn−, and Pb−X bonds

chapter chapter ten|12 pages

BDEs of P− As− Sb− Bi−X bonds

chapter chapter thirteen|65 pages

BDEs of Sc(Sc+)− Y(Y+)− La(La+)− and Ac(Ac+)−X bonds

chapter chapter fourteen|22 pages

BDEs of Ti(Ti±)−, Zr(Zr+)−, and Hf(Hf+)−X bonds

chapter chapter fifteen|24 pages

BDEs of V(V±)−, Nb(Nb+)−, and Ta(Ta+)−X bonds

chapter chapter sixteen|68 pages

BDEs of Cr(Cr±)−, Mo(Mo±)−, and W(W±)−X bonds

chapter chapter seventeen|22 pages

BDEs of Mn(Mn±)−, Tc(Tc+), and Re(Re±)−X bonds

chapter chapter eighteen|51 pages

BDEs of Fe(Fe±)−, Ru(Ru+)−, and Os(Os+)−X bonds

chapter chapter nineteen|48 pages

BDEs of Co(Co±)−, Rh(Rh+)−, and Ir(Ir+)−X bonds

chapter chapter twenty|64 pages

BDEs of Ni(Ni±)−, Pd(Pd±)−, and Pt(Pt±)−X bonds

chapter chapter twenty-one|60 pages

BDEs of Cu(Cu±)−, Ag(Ag±)−, and Au(Au±)−X bonds

chapter chapter twenty-two|14 pages

BDEs of Zn(Zn+)−, Cd(Cd+)−, and Hg(Hg+)−X bonds

chapter chapter twenty-four|75 pages

BDEs in the C-, Si-, Ge-, Sn-, Pb-clusters and complexes

chapter chapter twenty-five|79 pages

BDEs in the N-, P-, As-, Sb-, Bi-clusters and complexes

chapter chapter twenty-six|107 pages

BDEs in the O-, S-, Se-, Te-clusters and complexes

chapter chapter twenty-seven|77 pages

BDEs in the halogenated molecules, clusters and complexes

chapter chapter twenty-eight|24 pages

BDEs in rare gas atom/ion clusters

chapter chapter twenty-nine|33 pages

Heats of formation of atoms, radicals, and ions