The first edition of this comprehensive work quickly filled the need for an in-depth handbook on concrete construction engineering and technology. Living up to the standard set by its bestselling predecessor, this second edition of the Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook covers the entire range of issues pertaining to the construction

chapter 1|28 pages

Concrete Constituent Materials

chapter 2|50 pages

Mineral Admixures

chapter 3|22 pages

Chemical Admixtures

chapter 4|40 pages

Long-Term Effects and Serviceability

chapter 6|46 pages

Design and Placement of Concrete Mixtures

chapter 9|24 pages

Deflection of Concrete Members

chapter 10|42 pages

Structural Concrete Systems

chapter 11|64 pages

Construction of Prestressed Concrete

chapter 13|36 pages

Concrete for Offshore Structures

chapter 14|82 pages

Foundations for Concrete Structures

chapter 15|28 pages

Specialized Construction Applications

chapter 16|44 pages

Structural Concrete Repair

chapter 17|18 pages

Joints in Concrete Construction

chapter 18|20 pages

Automation in Concrete Construction

chapter 19|54 pages

Equipment for Concrete Building Construction

chapter 20|76 pages

Roller-Compacted Concrete

chapter 21|74 pages

Nondestructive Test Methods

chapter 22|28 pages

Fiber-Reinforced Composites

chapter 23|20 pages

Bonded Concrete Overlays

chapter 27|34 pages

Performance Evaluation of Structures

chapter 28|72 pages

Masonry Design and Construction

chapter 30|76 pages

Architectural Concrete

chapter 31|16 pages

Fire Resistance and Protection of Structures

chapter 32|66 pages

Seismic-Resisting Construction

chapter 33|20 pages

Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems