Introduction to Computational Proteomics introduces the field of computational biology through a focused approach that tackles the different steps and problems involved with protein analysis, classification, and meta-organization. The book starts with the analysis of individual entities and works its way through the analysis of more complex entitie

part Part I|2 pages

The Basics

chapter Chapter 1|6 pages

What is Computational Proteomics?

chapter Chapter 2|14 pages

Basic Notions in Molecular Biology

chapter Chapter 3|82 pages

Sequence Comparison

chapter Chapter 5|27 pages

Motif Discovery

chapter Chapter 6|52 pages

Markov Models of Protein Families

chapter Chapter 7|56 pages

Classifiers and Kernels

chapter Chapter 8|54 pages

Protein Structure Analysis

chapter Chapter 9|50 pages

Protein Domains

part Part 2|2 pages

Putting All the Pieces Together

chapter Chapter 10|62 pages

Clustering and Classification

chapter Chapter 11|46 pages

Embedding Algorithms and Vectorial Representations

chapter Chapter 12|48 pages

Analysis of Gene Expression Data

chapter Chapter 13|62 pages

Protein-Protein Interactions

chapter Chapter 14|33 pages

Cellular Pathways

chapter Chapter 15|38 pages

Learning Gene Networks with Bayesian Networks