A field as diverse as optoelectronics needs a reference that is equally versatile. From basic physics and light sources to devices and state-of-the-art applications, the Handbook of Optoelectronics provides comprehensive, self-contained coverage of fundamental concepts and practical applications across the entire spectrum of disciplines encompassed

chapter |24 pages

A1.2 Optical materials Neil Ross

chapter |82 pages

A2.1 Advanced optics Alan Rogers

chapter |22 pages

A2.3 Nonlinear and short pulse effects

chapter |28 pages

B1.2 Semiconductor lasers Jens Buus

chapter |44 pages

B4 Optical modulators Nadir Dagli

chapter |22 pages

B6 Ultrafast optoelectronics

chapter |34 pages

C2.3 Liquid crystal displays David Coates

chapter |88 pages

C3.1 Optical fibre sensors

chapter |44 pages

C4.1 Spectroscopic analysis

chapter |10 pages

C4.2 Intelligent surveillance Brian Smith