The definitive reference in its field, Ecological Risk Assessment, Second Edition details the latest advances in science and practice. In the fourteen years since the publication of the best-selling first edition, ecological risk assessment (ERA) has moved from the margins into the spotlight. It is now commonly applied to the regulation of c

part |2 pages

Part I Introduction to Ecological Risk Assessment

chapter 001|12 pages

Defining the Field

chapter 002|10 pages

Other Types of Assessments

chapter 003|14 pages

Ecological Risk Assessment Frameworks

chapter 004|30 pages

Ecological Epidemiology and Causal Analysis

chapter 005|26 pages

Variability, Uncertainty, and Probability

chapter 007|6 pages

Modes and Mechanisms of Action

chapter 008|18 pages

Mixed and Multiple Agents

chapter 009|16 pages

Quality Assurance

part |2 pages

Part II Planning and Problem Formulation

chapter 010|2 pages

Impetus and Mandate

chapter 011|2 pages

Goals and Objectives

chapter 012|2 pages

Management Options

chapter 013|4 pages

Agents and Sources

chapter 014|4 pages

Environmental Description

chapter 015|2 pages

Exposure Scenarios

chapter 016|14 pages

Assessment Endpoints

chapter 017|12 pages

Conceptual Models

chapter 018|8 pages

Analysis Plans

part |2 pages

Part III Analysis of Exposure

chapter 019|4 pages

Source Identification and Characterization

chapter 020|14 pages

Sampling, Analysis, and Assays

chapter 022|52 pages

Exposure to Chemicals and Other Agents

part |2 pages

Part IV Analysis of Effects

chapter 023|24 pages

Exposure–Response Relationships

chapter 024|26 pages


chapter 025|10 pages

Biological Surveys

chapter 026|26 pages

Organism-Level Extrapolation Models

chapter 027|30 pages

Population Modeling

chapter 028|20 pages

Ecosystem Effects Modeling

part |2 pages

Part V Risk Characterization

chapter 029|6 pages

Criteria and Benchmarks

chapter 030|14 pages

Integrating Exposure and Exposure–Response

chapter 031|14 pages

Screening Characterization

chapter 033|6 pages

Comparative Risk Characterization

part |2 pages

Part VI Risk Management