Enterprise Architecture A to Z examines cost-saving trends in architecture planning, administration, and management. The text begins by evaluating the role of Enterprise Architecture planning and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) modeling. It provides an extensive review of the most widely-deployed architecture framework models, including The Open Group Architecture and Zachman Architectural Frameworks, as well as formal architecture standards. The first part of the text focuses on the upper layers of the architecture framework, while the second part focuses on the technology architecture. Additional coverage discusses Ethernet, WAN, Internet communication technologies, broadband, and chargeback models.

chapter 3|28 pages

- The Open Group Architectural Framework

chapter 4|8 pages

- The Zachman Architectural Framework

chapter 6|8 pages

- Enterprise Architecture Tools

chapter 7|62 pages

- Business Process Modeling

chapter 10|64 pages

- Evolving MAN/WAN Technologies

chapter 11|42 pages

- Networking in SOA Environments