Reflecting more than a decade's worth of changes, Animal Models in Toxicology, Second Edition is a practical guide to the common statistical problems encountered in toxicology and the methodologies that are available to solve them. The book presents a historical review of the use of animal models and an overview of broad considerations of me

chapter 1|18 pages


chapter 2|128 pages

The Mouse

chapter 3|130 pages

The Rat

chapter 4|56 pages

The Hamster

chapter 5|88 pages

The Guinea Pig

chapter 6|72 pages

The Rabbit

chapter 7|70 pages

The Ferret

chapter 8|100 pages

The Dog

chapter 9|68 pages


chapter 10|42 pages

The Minipig

chapter 11|14 pages

Alternative Species

chapter 12|44 pages

Clinical Pathology of Laboratory Animals

chapter 13|32 pages

Model Selection and Scaling

chapter 14|38 pages

Susceptibility Factors