The continually growing plastics market consists of more than 250 million tons of product annually, making the recurring problem of polymer melt fracture an acute issue in the extrusion of these materials. Presenting a pictorial library of the different forms of melt fracture and real industrial extrusion melt fracture phenomena, Polymer Melt Fract

chapter 1|20 pages

Chapter 1Polymer Melt Fracture Pictures

chapter 2|32 pages

Chapter 2Polymer Characteristics

chapter 3|34 pages

Chapter 3Polymer Rheology

chapter 4|22 pages

Chapter 4Polymer Processing

chapter 5|58 pages

Chapter 5Melt Fracture Experiments

chapter 6|34 pages

Chapter 6Melt Fracture Variables

chapter 7|32 pages

Chapter 7Understanding Melt Fracture

chapter 8|34 pages

Chapter 8Advanced Polymer Rheology

chapter 9|28 pages

Chapter 9Modeling Melt Fracture

chapter 10|18 pages

Chapter 10Preventing Melt Fracture