Have you recently been promoted? Are you starting a new business? Do you suddenly find that you need to know more about finances than you ever expected, but have no time for formal training? If so, you need Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Executive. Whether you are a newly promoted middle manager or executive, a marketing manager of a

chapter 1|12 pages

Financial Decision Makingand Analysis

chapter 4|10 pages

Are You Breaking Even?

chapter 6|18 pages

Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

chapter 8|12 pages

Working Capital and Cash Management

chapter 9|8 pages

How to Manage Your Accounts Receivable

chapter 10|12 pages

How to Manage Inventory

chapter 11|18 pages

Understanding the Concept of Time Value

chapter 12|16 pages

Capital Investment Decisions

chapter 15|10 pages

How Taxes Affect Business Decisions

chapter 16|16 pages

What to Know About Short-Term Financing

chapter 17|6 pages

Looking at Term Loans and Leasing

chapter 18|32 pages

Deciding on Long-Term Financing

chapter 19|8 pages

Understanding Financial Statements

chapter 21|18 pages

Analyzing Financial Statements