Models for the mechanical behavior of porous media introduced more than 50 years ago are still relied upon today, but more recent work shows that, in some cases, they may violate the laws of thermodynamics. In The Thermophysics of Porous Media, the author shows that physical consistency requires a unique description of dynamic processes that involv

chapter I|20 pages


chapter II|36 pages

Thermomechanics and Poromechanics

chapter III|20 pages

Thermodynamics -Porodynamics of Deformation

chapter IV|22 pages

Thermodynamic Automata

chapter V|24 pages

Seismic Wave Propagation

chapter VI|40 pages

Immiscible Flow

chapter VII|28 pages

Miscible Displacement in Porous Media

chapter VIII|12 pages

Porosity-Pressure Propagation

chapter IX|14 pages

Granular Flow