A study of difference equations and inequalities. This second edition offers real-world examples and uses of difference equations in probability theory, queuing and statistical problems, stochastic time series, combinatorial analysis, number theory, geometry, electrical networks, quanta in radiation, genetics, economics, psychology, sociology, and

chapter 1|47 pages

Chapter 1


chapter 2|68 pages

Chapter 2

Linear Initial Value Problems

chapter 3|68 pages

Chapter 3

Miscellaneous Difference Equations

chapter 4|49 pages

Chapter 4

Difference Inequalities

chapter 5|102 pages

Chapter 5

Qualitative Properties Solutions of Difference Systems

chapter 6|150 pages

Chapter 6

Qualitative Properties Solutions of Higher Order Difference Equations

chapter 7|144 pages

Chapter 7

Qualitative Properties Solutions of Neutral Difference Equations

chapter 8|52 pages

Chapter 8

Boundary Value Problems Linear Systems = = u(K + = = + = =

chapter 9|63 pages

Chapter 9

Boundary Value Problems Nonlinear Systems

chapter 10|51 pages

Chapter 10

Miscellaneous Properties Solutions of Higher Order Linear Difference Equations

chapter 11|49 pages

Chapter 11

Boundary Value Problems Higher Order Difference Equations

chapter 12|57 pages

Chapter 12

Sturm-Liouville Problems and Related Inequalities

chapter 13|46 pages

Chapter 13

Difference Inequalities in Several Independent Variables