Intrigued as much by its complex nature as by its outsider status in traditional organic chemistry, the editors of The Organic Chemistry of Sugars compile a groundbreaking resource in carbohydrate chemistry that illustrates the ease at which sugars can be manipulated in a variety of organic reactions. Each chapter contains numerous examples demonst

part |2 pages

Part I: A Discussion of Carbohydrate Chemistry

chapter 1|22 pages

An Historical Overview

chapter 2|28 pages

Introduction to Carbohydrates

chapter 3|36 pages

Protective Group Strategies

chapter 4|92 pages

Glycosylation Methods

chapter 5|42 pages

Oligosaccharide Synthesis

part |2 pages

Part II: From Sugars to Sugar-Like Structures to Non-Sugars

chapter 6|44 pages

Functionalization of Sugars

chapter 7|80 pages

Strategies towards C-Glycosides

chapter 8|34 pages

From Sugars to Carba-Sugars

part |2 pages

Part III: Sugars as Tools, Chiral Pool Starting Materials and Formidable Synthetic Targets

part |2 pages

Part IV: Additional Topics

chapter 14|26 pages

Combinatorial Carbohydrate Chemistry

chapter 15|48 pages


chapter 16|60 pages

Carbohydrate Mimetics in Drug Discovery