Nutritional genomics, also referred to as nutrigenomics, is considered one of the next frontiers in the post-genomic era. This book features the latest research on the role of oxidants and dietary antioxidants in the modulation of gene expression, aging, immune function, neuroprotection, and vascular heath. It covers the relationship between oxidants, antioxidants, and gene expression, as well as new molecular techniques for the study of redox-regulated signal transduction. It summarizes the molecular mechanisms of phytochemicals and trace elements, emphasizes the impact of variations in the human genotype on individual responses to nutrients, and offers a summary of the effect of lipid and water soluble antioxidants and fatty acids on gene expression in cultured cells, laboratory animals, and humans.

chapter 3|24 pages

Analysis of Microarray Data

chapter 5|26 pages

Anti-Oxidant Modulation in Immune Function

chapter 21|16 pages

Dietary Selenium and Gene Expression