This handbook guides the user to hundreds of technologies, practices, partnership opportunities, and funding resources. Presented in non-technical language, it covers hundreds of publicly available resources for pollution prevention, control, remediation, and assessment.

Environmental Technology Resources Handbook will help you:

  • chapter 1|12 pages

    Forces Driving Environment Technology

    chapter 2|4 pages

    How to Find TFES Resources

    chapter 4|18 pages

    Interagency Programs

    chapter 5|40 pages

    Federal Agencies

    chapter 6|38 pages

    Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

    chapter 7|22 pages

    Other Federal Agencies

    chapter 8|32 pages

    Internations Agencies

    chapter 9|12 pages

    Regional, State and Local Agencies

    chapter 10|12 pages

    NGOS, Nonprofit and Professional Societies