With stunning regularity, the search for our cosmic roots has been yielding remarkable new discoveries about the universe and our place in it. In his compelling book, Origins: The Quest for Our Cosmic Roots, veteran science journalist Tom Yulsman chronicles the latest discoveries and describes in clear and engaging terms what they mean.


chapter |9 pages


chapter 1|26 pages

Spacetime The Cosmic Stage

chapter 2|22 pages

Cosmic Casino The Realm of the Quantum

chapter 3|27 pages

Hot Big Bang Producing the Primordial Soup

chapter 4|21 pages

Inflating the Universe It Takes GUTs

chapter 5|32 pages

The Galactic Cobweb and the Multiverse

chapter 6|25 pages

Paradigm Shift Inflation Checks Out

chapter 9|24 pages

A Star is Born Prelude to Planets

chapter 12|30 pages

To Life The Organic Soup Kitchen