Because of the importance of multiphase flows in a wide variety of industries, including power, petroleum, and numerous processing industries, an understanding of the behavior and underlying theoretical concepts of these systems is critical. Contributed by a team of prominent experts led by a specialist with more than thirty years of experience, th

chapter 1|79 pages

Basic Concepts and Definitions

chapter 2|40 pages

Gas–Liquid Transport in Ducts

chapter 3|60 pages

Boiling and Condensation

chapter 4|101 pages

Fluid–Solid Transport in Ducts

chapter 5|93 pages

Fluidized Beds

chapter 6|58 pages

Aerosol Flows

chapter 7|55 pages

Particle Separation Systems

chapter 8|100 pages

Spray Systems

chapter 9|33 pages

Dry Powder Flows

chapter 10|55 pages

Porous Media Flows

chapter 11|25 pages

Microscale and Microgravity Flows

chapter 12|134 pages

Multiphase Interactions

chapter 13|150 pages


chapter 14|125 pages

Advanced Experimental Techniques