Extensively revised and thoroughly updated, this popular text de-emphasizes high level mathematics in favor of effective, accurate modeling. Real-world examples amplify the theory and show how to use derived equations to model physical problems. Exercises that parallel the examples build readers' confidence and prepare them to confront the more com

chapter 1|28 pages


chapter 2|50 pages

Conduction Heat Transfer

chapter 3|92 pages

Convective Heat Transfer

chapter 4|54 pages

Radiative Heat Transfer

chapter 5|52 pages

Phase Change Heat Transfer

chapter 6|48 pages

Gas (Vapor)/Liquid Systems

chapter 7|30 pages

Gas/Solid (Particle) Systems

chapter 8|72 pages

Liquid/Solid Systems

chapter 9|50 pages

Gas/Liquid/Solid Systems

chapter 10|26 pages

Heat Exchangers

chapter 11|76 pages

Computational Heat Transfer