Many agronomic reference books either focus on a single crop, several related crops, or specific soil topics but not on a full range of both crop and soil subjects. This unique handbook covers both major agronomic fields. Containing essential data and information on the culture of the world's major agronomic grain, oil, fiber, and sugar crops grown

chapter |2 pages

Part I: Agronomic Crops

chapter 2|110 pages

Grain Crops

chapter 3|30 pages

Nut, Bean, and Oil Crops

chapter 4|18 pages

Cotton ( spp.) Fiber

chapter 5|4 pages

Sugar Beet ( L. spp.)

chapter 6|28 pages

Major Soil Classification Systems

chapter |2 pages

Part III: Soils and Their Properties

chapter |2 pages

Part IV: Soil Analysis and Treatment

chapter 8|16 pages

Soil pH, Liming, and Liming Materials

chapter 9|38 pages


chapter 10|44 pages

Plant Mineral Nutrition

chapter 11|28 pages

Soil Analysis

chapter 12|14 pages

Plant Analysis

chapter 11|8 pages

Weights, Measures, and Conversion Factors

chapter |14 pages

Appendix A: Soil/Plant Definitions

chapter |2 pages

Appendix B: Botanical Definitions

chapter |2 pages

Appendix D: Troublesome Weeds

chapter |2 pages

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