Bioinvasion is fast becoming one of the world's most costly ecological problems, as it disrupts agriculture, drastically alters ecosystems, spreads disease, and interferes with shipping. The economic and environmental damages from alien plant, animals, and microbes in the United States, British Isles, Australia, South Africa, India, and Brazil acco

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section one: Introduction

chapter 1|6 pages

chapter one

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section two: Australia

chapter 2|14 pages

chapter two

chapter 3|20 pages

chapter three

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chapter four

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section three: Brazil

chapter 5|20 pages

chapter five

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section four: British Isles

chapter 6|22 pages

chapter six

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chapter seven

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chapter eight

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section five: India

chapter 9|14 pages

chapter nine

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section six: New Zealand

chapter 10|10 pages

chapter ten

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chapter eleven

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chapter twelve

chapter 13|24 pages

chapter thirteen

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section seven: South Africa

chapter 4|24 pages


chapter 15|16 pages

chapter fifteen

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section eight: United States

chapter 6|20 pages


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section nine: World Overview

chapter 17|24 pages

chapter seventeen

chapter 18|24 pages

chapter eighteen