Mechanical systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and continually require greater precision, improved reliability, and extended life. To meet the demand for advanced mechanisms and systems, present and future engineers must understand not only the fundamental mechanical components, but also the principles of vibrations, stability, and bala

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|42 pages

Review of Vector Algebra

chapter 3|20 pages

Kinematics of a Particle

chapter 4|48 pages

Kinematics of a Rigid Body

chapter 6|36 pages

Forces and Force Systems

chapter 9|42 pages

Principles of Impulse and Momentum

chapter 10|32 pages

Introduction to Energy Methods

chapter 13|40 pages

Introduction to Vibrations

chapter 14|34 pages


chapter 15|26 pages


chapter 16|34 pages

Mechanical Components: Cams

chapter 17|32 pages

Mechanical Components: Gears

chapter 18|56 pages

Introduction to Multibody Dynamics

chapter 19|40 pages

Introduction to Robot Dynamics