As an increasing number of professionals and graduate students enter the field of solid-based power generation, they all require an command of process and equipment, as well as the theory behind it all. However, their informational needs and understanding differ based on their experience and the task at hand.Solid Fuels Combustion and Gasification:

chapter 2|24 pages

Chapter Solid Fuels

chapter 3|36 pages

Chapter Equipment and Processes

chapter 4|20 pages

Chapter Basic Calculations

chapter 5|26 pages

Chapter Zero-Dimensional Models

chapter 8|18 pages

Chapter Chemical Reactions

chapter 9|18 pages

Chapter Heterogeneous Reactions

chapter 10|32 pages

Drying and Devolatilization

chapter 11|36 pages

Auxiliary Equations and Basic Calculations

chapter 12|28 pages

Moving-Bed Simulation Programs and Results

chapter 14|28 pages

Fluidization Dynamics