Tackling the logistical, planning, and managerial challenges that companies face, the third edition of this bestselling reference addresses the increased importance of strategy issues in various fields. While retaining many elements of the previous editions, Integral Logistics Management: Operations and Supply Chain Management in Comprehensive Valu

chapter 7|36 pages

Concepts for the Process Industry

chapter 8|38 pages

Logistics Software

chapter 9|50 pages

Demand and Demand Forecast

chapter 11|42 pages

Deterministic Materials Management

chapter 12|56 pages

Time Management and Scheduling

chapter 13|54 pages

Capacity Management

chapter 14|62 pages

Order Release and Control

chapter 17|38 pages

Quality Management – TQM and Six Sigma

chapter 18|30 pages

Systems Engineering and Project Management

chapter |22 pages


chapter |43 pages


chapter |2 pages

Author’s Note