A difficult and recalcitrant phenomenon, medical error causes pervasive and expensive problems in terms of patient injury, ineffective treatment, and rising healthcare costs. Simple heightened awareness can help, but it requires organized, effective remedies and countermeasures that are reasonable, acceptable, and adaptable to see a truly significa

chapter 1|8 pages

Chapter.1. Introduction

chapter 2|14 pages

Chapter.2. General.Concepts

chapter 3|36 pages

Chapter.3. Medical.Services

chapter 4|20 pages

Chapter.4. Medical.Devices

chapter 5|16 pages

Chapter.5. Analysis

chapter 6|26 pages

Chapter.6. Human.Factors

chapter 7|22 pages

Chapter.7. Management.Errors

chapter 8|18 pages


chapter 9|32 pages

Chapter.9. Drug Delivery