In dealing with extreme loads on structures, simple approximations of key variables can indicate if there is a threat of collapse. The ability to determine such variables early on strongly impacts the decisions about the engineering approach to adopt. Formulas for Mechanical and Structural Shock and Impact is a self-contained and concise presentati

chapter 1|6 pages

Concepts and Denitions

chapter 2|42 pages

Natural Frequency

chapter 3|46 pages

Simple Linear Systems

chapter 4|52 pages

Simple Nonlinear Systems

chapter 5|68 pages

Wave Propagation

chapter 6|14 pages

Yield and Failure Criteria

chapter 7|50 pages


chapter 8|36 pages


chapter 9|32 pages

Cables and Strings

chapter 10|90 pages


chapter 11|66 pages

Columns and Beam–Columns

chapter 12|52 pages

Plates and Shells

chapter 13|56 pages

Dynamic Effects of Explosion

chapter 14|28 pages

Penetration and Perforation

chapter 15|76 pages

Damage, Failure, and Fragmentation

chapter 16|24 pages

Selected Examples