Covering the key theories, tools, and techniques of this dynamic field, Handbook of Nanophysics: Principles and Methods elucidates the general theoretical principles and measurements of nanoscale systems. Each peer-reviewed chapter contains a broad-based introduction and enhances understanding of the state-of-the-art scientific content through fund

chapter 1|4 pages

The Quantum Nature of Nanoscience

chapter 5|12 pages

Predicting Nanocluster Structures

part |2 pages

Part II: Nanoscale Systems

chapter 6|14 pages

The Nanoscale Free-Electron Model

chapter 7|16 pages

Small-Scale Nonequilibrium Systems

chapter 8|12 pages


chapter 9|32 pages

Nanoscale Superconductivity

chapter 10|12 pages

One-Dimensional Quantum Liquids

chapter 11|24 pages

Nanofluidics of Thin Liquid Films

chapter 12|18 pages

Capillary Condensation in Confined Media

chapter 13|14 pages

Dynamics at the Nanoscale

chapter 14|18 pages

Electrochemistry and Nanophysics

part |2 pages

Part III: Thermodynamics

chapter 15|22 pages


chapter 16|16 pages

Statistical Mechanics in Nanophysics

chapter 17|24 pages

Phonons in Nanoscale Objects

chapter 18|22 pages

Melting of Finite-Sized Systems

chapter 19|12 pages

Melting Point of Nanomaterials

chapter 20|16 pages

Phase Changes of Nanosystems

part |2 pages

Part IV: Nanomechanics

chapter 22|44 pages

Computational Nanomechanics

chapter 23|10 pages

Nanomechanical Properties of the Elements

chapter 24|12 pages

Mechanical Models for Nanomaterials

part |2 pages

Part V: Nanomagnetism and Spins

part |2 pages

Part VI: Nanoscale Methods

chapter 29|52 pages


chapter 31|22 pages

Tomography of Nanostructures

chapter 33|16 pages

Quantitative Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy

chapter 34|16 pages

STM-Based Techniques Combined with Optics

chapter 39|22 pages

Single-Biomolecule Imaging

chapter 40|20 pages

Amplified Single-Molecule Detection