While many police officers undertake their work conforming to the highest ethical standards, the fact remains that unethical police conduct continues to be a recurring problem around the world. With examples from a range of jurisdictions, Police Corruption: Preventing Misconduct and Maintaining Integrity examines the causes of police misconduct and

chapter 1|14 pages

The Misconduct Problem in Policing

chapter 2|12 pages

Understanding Police Misconduct

chapter 3|20 pages

Setting Standards

chapter 4|18 pages

Measuring Misconduct and Integrity

chapter 5|14 pages

Recruitment and Training

chapter 7|16 pages

Alternative Dispute Resolution

chapter 8|22 pages

System Controls and Risk Management

chapter 9|18 pages

Advanced Techniques

chapter 10|22 pages

External Oversight

chapter 11|14 pages

Leadership for Integrity