Drawing from many sources in the literature, Stochastic Dominance and Applications to Finance, Risk and Economics illustrates how stochastic dominance (SD) can be used as a method for risk assessment in decision making. It provides basic background on SD for various areas of applications. Useful Concepts and Techniques for Economics ApplicationsThe

chapter 1|58 pages

Utility in Decision Theory

chapter 2|30 pages

Foundations of Stochastic Dominance

chapter 3|18 pages

Issues in Stochastic Dominance

chapter 4|22 pages

Financial Risk Measures

chapter 5|50 pages

Choquet Integrals as Risk Measures

chapter 7|52 pages

Models and Data in Econometrics

chapter 8|48 pages

Applications to Finance

chapter 9|48 pages

Applications to Risk Management

chapter 10|28 pages

Applications to Economics