In today's unforgiving business environment where customers demand zero defect software at lower costs-it is testing that provides the opportunity for software companies to separate themselves from the competition. Software Testing as a Service explains, in simple language, how to use software testing to improve productivity, reduce time to market, and reduce costly errors. It explains how the normal functions of manufacturing can be applied to commoditize the software testing service to achieve consistent quality across all software projects. This up-to-date reference reviews different software testing tools, techniques, and practices and provides succinct guidance on how to estimate costs, allocate resources, and make competitive bids. Replete with examples and case histories, this resource illustrates how proper planning can lead to the creation of software that's head and shoulders above the competition.

chapter 2|12 pages

Kinds of Software Testing Projects

chapter 3|18 pages

Software Testing Project Strategies

chapter 4|20 pages

Project Effort Estimation

chapter 5|14 pages

Software Testing Project Plan

chapter 6|8 pages

Software Testing Project Risk Management

chapter 7|8 pages

Software Testing Project Execution

chapter 8|8 pages

Software Testing Project Reporting

chapter 9|14 pages

Automated Software Testing Benefits

chapter 10|10 pages

Customer Expectation Management

chapter 11|20 pages

Software Testing Practice and Offshoring

chapter 12|16 pages

Software Testing as a Commodity

chapter 13|10 pages

Quality, Standards, and Software Testing