Offering a wide range of programming examples implemented in MATLAB, Computational Intelligence Paradigms: Theory and Applications Using MATLAB presents theoretical concepts and a general framework for computational intelligence (CI) approaches, including artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms and pr

chapter 1|28 pages

Computational Intelligence

chapter 2|40 pages

Artificial Neural Networks with MATLAB

chapter 6|58 pages

MATLAB-Based Fuzzy Systems

chapter 7|46 pages

Fuzzy Inference and Expert Systems

chapter 8|44 pages

MATLAB Illustrations on Fuzzy Systems

chapter 9|44 pages

Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling Using MATLAB

chapter 10|24 pages

Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling Using MATLAB

chapter 11|72 pages

Evolutionary Computation Paradigms

chapter 13|44 pages

MATLAB-Based Genetic Algorithm

chapter 14|58 pages

Genetic Programming

chapter 15|44 pages

MATLAB-Based Swarm Intelligence