Whether used for aviation, manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, energy distribution, nuclear or fossil fuel power generation, surveillance or security, all control rooms share two common features. The people operating them are often remote from the processes that they are monitoring and controlling and the operations work 24/7. The twin demands o

chapter 2|36 pages


chapter 3|46 pages

3Chapter Training

chapter 4|24 pages

4Chapter Procedures

chapter 5|14 pages

5Chapter Communication Process

chapter 6|36 pages

6Chapter Manning and Workload

chapter 7|30 pages

7Chapter Automation

chapter 8|32 pages

8Chapter Supervision

chapter 9|24 pages

9Chapter Shift Patterns

chapter 10|24 pages

1Chapter 0 Control Room Layout

chapter 12|14 pages

1Chapter 2 Alarms

chapter 13|30 pages

1Chapter 3 Environment

chapter 14|32 pages

1Chapter 4 Human Error

chapter 15|26 pages

Safety Culture