The proceedings of the 4th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics offers the latest research results concerning quantitative modelling of the interaction of water and sediment and the shapes this interaction makes in rivers, watersheds, estuaries, the coast, the continental shelf and the deep sea. Morphodynamics is the study of the evolution of landscape and seascape features, from small scale to large.

chapter |52 pages

Sediment transport processes

chapter |88 pages

Mountain rivers

chapter |40 pages

Deltas, estuaries, bays

chapter |56 pages

Fluvial and coastal turbulent flow

chapter |84 pages

River response to floods

chapter |54 pages

River confluences and distributaries

chapter |50 pages

Bars and braiding

chapter |44 pages

Reservoirs and dams

chapter |68 pages

Tidal flats

chapter |46 pages

Large-scale morphodynamics

chapter |84 pages

The evolution of a tie channel

chapter |116 pages

River bedforms

chapter |52 pages

Scour and bank erosion

chapter |86 pages

Coastal and shelf bedforms

chapter |40 pages

Sediment transport of mixed sizes

chapter |84 pages

Watersheds and hillslopes

chapter |77 pages

River engineering and stream restoration