Diagnosis and correction are critical tasks for the vibrations engineer. Many causes of rotor vibration are so subtle and pervasive that excessive vibration continues to occur despite the use of usually effective design practices and methods of avoidance.Rotating Machinery Vibration: From Analysis to Troubleshooting provides a comprehensive, consol

part |2 pages

Part I Primer on Rotor Vibration

chapter 1|32 pages

Vibration Concepts and Methods

chapter 2|76 pages

Lateral Rotor Vibration Analysis Models

chapter 3|28 pages

Torsional Rotor Vibration Analysis Models

part |2 pages

Part II Rotor Dynamic Analyses

chapter 5|68 pages

Bearing and Seal Rotor Dynamics

chapter 6|24 pages

Turbo-Machinery Impeller and Blade Effects

part |2 pages

Part III Monitoring and Diagnostics

part |2 pages

Part IV Trouble-Shooting Case Studies