This detail-oriented text is intended for engineers and applied mathematicians who must write computer programs to perform wavelet and related analysis on real data. It contains an overview of mathematical prerequisites and proceeds to describe hands-on programming techniques to implement special programs for signal analysis and other applications.

chapter 1|40 pages

Mathematical Preliminaries

chapter 2|26 pages

Programming Techniques

chapter 3|36 pages

The Discrete Fourier Transform

chapter 4|50 pages

Local Trigonometric Transforms

chapter 5|60 pages

Quadrature Filters

chapter 6|24 pages

The Discrete Wavelet Transform

chapter 7|36 pages

Wavelet Packets

chapter 8|26 pages

The Best Basis Algorithm

chapter 9|30 pages

Multidimensional Library Trees

chapter 10|32 pages

Time-Frequency Analysis

chapter 11|64 pages

Some Applications

chapter |16 pages

A: Solutions to Some of the Exercises

chapter |2 pages

B: List of Symbols

chapter C|20 pages

Quadrature Filter Coefficients