This volume gathers together cutting-edge research from the Third Workshop on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics and gives a solid overview of the state of the art in robot algorithms. The papers cover core problems in robotics, such as motion planning, sensor-based planning, manipulation, and assembly planning. They also examine the application o

chapter 1|20 pages

Algorithmic MEMS

chapter 9|16 pages

Planning for In-Hand Dextrous Manipulation

chapter 11|8 pages

Geometric Algorithms in AdeptRAPID

chapter 19|14 pages

Issues in Nonprehensile Manipulation

chapter 20|14 pages

Local Observability of Rolling

chapter 21|14 pages

Geometry for Modeling Biomolecules

chapter 22|18 pages

Algorithms for Fence Design

chapter 23|16 pages

Shape Tolerance in Feeding and Fixturing

chapter 24|14 pages

Towards Planning for Elastic Objects